Tapasi Mohapatra, USA

Quarantining family time “art of exuberant life” piece by Tapasi Mohapatra.

This beautiful piece of “Exuberant life” is submitted by Tapasi Mohapatra, a top  Engineering Expert, Newyork, USA

This fascinating (Art of exuberant life) during Covid19, the worst global pandemic is submitted by Tapasi. It is a deeply moving piece of (art of extraordinary life at the time of quarantining) work that we feel fortunate to put it in our featured wall. Thank you,  Tapasi for your valuable contribution. We think it will surely comfort millions particularly families who are having tough time during this deadly covid 19 pandemic and back our mental health awareness campaign!

Tapasi says:

Every situation in life is temporary.

When life is good, receive it fully and live the moment. Use this time to prepare yourself to withstand the “bad time”. When life is not good, believe that it won’t last forever and better days are on the way. It rather keeps you grounded and makes you stronger and makes you value for the ‘good time’.

It’s a vicious cycle and we, as human race, how powerful we may feel, are no exception to this reality. That’s the biggest take away from the Corona pandemic for me.

As long as we learn from this though time, try not to repeat the mistakes and remain watchful and stay respectful to nature, we sure will overcome this together.

Of course I am worried about my elderly  parents, family , friends all over the globe and  the uncertainty, chaos and sufferings all over.  But worrying does not help much, it rather makes me weak. How about praying, in stead!

Rohan baking snacks

During this lock down time, my husband and me are working, kids have school.But the ‘new normal’ is that we all are  at home, I do not compute 45 mins one way to work every day, my husband is on a travel- freeze  for the past month and half and kids have online classes. After school activities are all online, which means no dropping off and picking up. and as I see it, there is good reason behind it- to stop spreading the virus. So let’s do our part and stay mindful.

While there are 1000 and 1 reason for us to get distracted during this disaster, , I see 1000 and 1 more reasons to stay positive.  Look at the other side effects of Corona – ample  family time, learning, creativity, exercising, meditating, praying  and what not!  There is absolutely no lock down to trying out a new recipe with your child,  there is to restriction on improvising a piece of music, there is  no limitation  on time as how long you want to practice a dance sequence, talking to friends and family  and list goes on.

Being a working mother and with a travelling husband, there is a persistent guilt throughout that I do not give my 100% to family. With the forced WFH option and the whole family being at home, it’s like living a new life. Having tea together to planning for a workout schedule, having family lunch to watching a movie together ..enjoying every bit of it while it is available.

How about pursing your hobbies that you otherwise do not get enough time!!

I am a 2nd year Oddsi student and  am glad that I get some peaceful  time for my dance practice.

Sharad Navaratri fell exactly during the lockdown time..Being full time at home, watching  the Akhanda Deepa was so stress free.. Those uninterrupted  morning and evening prayers, meditation .. Which otherwise, is a Struggle for me.

Navaratri celebration

Celebrated Odia new year with so much fun. Managed to get all the right ingredients and prepared ‘Pana’, the traditional receipe that we make on this auspicious day. It felt so special to celebrate the new year with the whole family, even though it was on a weekday.

Panasankranti fun

Cook some fun dishes..specially planning that activity with your kids..While you  enjoy the sparks  in their eyes and the excitement  in their voices In the whole process,  you also introduce them to a life saving skill. It surely is a  win-win situation.

Really enjoy writing poems; would I ever get a better time than this for this creativity? Here is one of the poems which have written

Fun song about corona

Working out with my husband, going on a walk..I had only seen those in movie.. Which finally we experienced .. thanks to this lock down time.

Workout sweats

Spending time with my boys, playing with them, dancing with them watching movies.I am thoroughly enjoying this phase.

Board games with kids

Book Reading is some thing I hate to the core. And now I do not have an excuse not to do that. Started with this book – very deep and spiritual. But worth spending time on this.

Got my hands into making ‘face masks’. Not a pro at all, but apparently with so much demand for mask around, I started making my own.

A new skill definitely for me😊

Hand made face masks from old handwoven tiedye ikat fabrics

And my  story continues..

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