Amulya Pattnaik , India

Quarantining time “art of living” piece by Amulya Pattnaik , India

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This beautiful piece of encouraging “lockdown life” is submitted by Amulya Pattnaik, Retd. Chief Engineer, Odisha, India

This fascinating (Art of living) during Covid19, the worst global pandemic is submitted by Amulya. It is a deeply moving piece of (art of living at the time of quarantining) work that we feel fortunate to put it in our featured wall. Thank you, Amulya, for your valuable contribution. We think it will surely comfort millions who are having tough time during this deadly covid 19 pandemic and back our mental health awareness campaign!


Amulya says:

It was by end of Feb’2020 it was news that certain flue named COVID 19 has spread in China killing number of people.There is no medication for the decease.This virus is said to affect other individual through discharge of droplets erupting out from cough and cold of person already affected in Corona infection.It was initially limited in China where people getting infected and dying withing a short period of time due to respiratory choking.At that time it was termed epidemic in China.

Next news followed that Corona infection has become pandemic having spread to countries like Italy,Spain,America and number of other other countries throughout the world.

Even though not a single person infected in India, Govt. Of India initiated proactive measures like thermal screening of people come from other countries by flight.Odisha the Stae we live in, was even more proactive,where the Govt. declared lock down on 12th of march for a span of 15 days to end on 27th of March.Further to above the Central Govt. Declared 21 days complete lockdown from 25th of march upto 14th of April 2020.

Since the infection spreads through droplets from cold and cough of a affected person all offices,institutions,shops,malls were closed in order to eradicate the chances of persons coming in distancing,wearing of masks,stay at home to stay safe were the main slogans continuously on broadcast to alert people.

Particularly focus was on older people aged beyond 60 years who were told to be more prone to the infection were specifically requested to remain within the boundaries of house to remain safe.

The Govt. Remained more than alert.Any reported case of infection was attended on war footing.Doctors and support staff in hospitals also worked day and night with preventive outfits for treatment of affected persons.Medical facilities were spread out to the maximum extent all over the state for immediate treatment.Police remained vigilant 24×7 to ensure people not roaming out and/or making clusters to escalate the risk of spread of infection.

The arrangements were so organised including that of medical facilities the older people like us were duly convinced and there was no scope of fear.Although the older people are more prone to the infection, only because of arrangements by Govt. for immediate treatment we were never afraid of lifre risk at any point of time.Even we carried the feeling in us that we are under safe hands.

Now also a further extension of lockdown upto 3rd May announced but as older people we are not at all concerned and live our life with all that normalcy and peace of mind.We get our medicine,food and other provisions at hands reach.

We the older people have all praise to the govt. For their proactive and timely action to ensure safe living of all people from the pandemic

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