Take Away & Art Fund

Take away from this initiative.

Let us preserve this COVID 19 Family time memory of yours. Family story at the time of global pandemic 2020. Together, we will win this battle. It will be a victory not only against the coronavirus, but against all future pathogens”

You can refer to our book (where we will speak and create your language).

Join us this one of its kind “pencilforchange quarantining art community” where we can learn and share our positive actions and help community to be positive during this deadly covid 19 pandemic of 2020. Let’s remember and preserve the memory in a book for our house library . Let’s add this book in our bookshelf… let’s inspire each other and overcome this period of self quarantining. 


How you can support us?

The Emergency fund: Lets help small art communities, independent artists, freelancers and craftsman. Theatres, galleries, museums and artists who have been hit by the impact of coronavirus can  have access to this emergency fund or any future crisis!


What we believe from this?

This crisis is an opportunity. We shouldn’t miss this chance. Let’s analyse, reinvent, adapt, communicate with nature & live a sustainable lifestyle together!

We believe the data we all will collect can help decision makers and public health professionals examine the robustness of peoples mental health conditions during quarantining. It will provide a first step into understanding exactly what measures have been effective in certain contexts, and why.

We are working on diverse projects in response to the climate change, fashion waste and coronavirus outbreak and there is still more to be done. Find out how you can support us today or email us at info@pencilforchange.net