Sustainable Living Experiment For Kids, And Family

1 experiment per month

Completely safe and designed for home use

Spend educational time together with your kids

When We sell one educational toy, one underprivileged kid will get one slate and chalk!

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With our experiment-based kits, children will learn the basics of geometry like, shapes, structures, dimensions etc

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Teach them about wind power – one of the most important renewable sources of energy!

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Solar panels – Do your kids know how they work? We can teach them the fun way!

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All greener alternatives to fuel are welcome! Teach your kids the importance of energy efficient cars in terms of environment!


Natural ventilation is a very important feature in your house. Does your kid know how it works?

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Different window patterns can facilitate different modes of ventilation! Learn all this together, as a family!

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Heat recovery systems can keep your house sufficiently cool! Know how with our kits!

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Planting trees around your house will make your houses environmentally fit for staying! We can teach this and more with our kit.

Sustainable Living Experiment for Kids, and Family

We all want the best for our kids, don’t we? We go to great lengths to get them the best kind of training, both online and offline. But we all will agree that the best kind of learning comes from practical experiences and application-based learning. However, in a world so hugely dominated by digital media and e-commerce, it is difficult to teach them the beauty and fun of making things by oneself instead of just ordering everything readymade and online. You give them five apples and take away two and they will learn sooner that 5-2=3. So our team has tried to make learning for kids, fun with the help of our DIY (Do It Yourself) educational toys. With a little help from the adults of the family, kids can start a new carbon-neutral journey towards learning and development. Our set of educational toys can be enjoyed by children above 10 years.

Towards Carbon Neutral Future

Environment Friendly and Green Solutions

We make sure that all our products and solutions are carbon neutral and biodegradable. Starting from our packaging to the components of the toys, are all environment-friendly and leave as little carbon footprint as possible. This is one of the many ways we can adopt to take a step towards a greener environment. For instance, our toy house is primarily made of cardboard boxes and all the other components are also made of biodegradable materials. We also take care of reducing packaging wastes. Here are all that we offer:

1. Home Décor and Accessories (non-Living)

2. Zero waste Educational toys

3. Cat and Dog Houses (non-Living)


Non Living Objects

( Home Decor,  Accessories)

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Zero Waste Objects

(Educational Toys)

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Non Living Objects

(Cat & Dog House)

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How Your Children Will Benefit from this?

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