One World One Family Book

(what do we need to do to achieve the future we desire)

Our planet is under threat, share your ideas through voice, act or write ups for a sustainable harmony living !

Your message for a greater change through collaborative effort (A storyboard)

Let’s be the medicine for the world economy: COVID 19 pandemic threatens the most terrified economic slowdown and  health crisis.

For ordinary people like us , frightened for our health, the safety of our loved ones, worrying about our rent and feeding our family after businesses shut down. Let’s make a comprehensible community together.

“Only a crisis that is actual currently – produces real change. When a crisis occurs, the instant actions that we can take depend on the ideas that are lying around. Lets develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep us alive and enjoy our beautiful earth with clear sky, clean water, sustainable community to avoid the deadly climate crisis.

“At the moment We are often asked when Corona “will be over“ and when everything will return to normal. Our answer is: never. There are historical moments when the future changes direction. We call them bifurcations. Or deep crises. These times are now. The world as we know it is dissolving. But behind it comes a new world, the formation of which we can at least imagine and build it together for a harmony living.

For this we would like to offer you an exercise. we call it the “RE-creating & RE-structuring”

There are many topics, Feel free to check out our (submission) page from which you can choose one of your favourite topic. Let’s work on it in the form of a sustainable learning blog (that would be of short videos, photographs, write ups, sketches, paintings and more) , would be published under your name (personalised page with value added communicable illustrations, activity charts, posters, puzzles, colouring books, animations and much more by our experts, friendly team of PENCIL FOR CHANGE community)

Sustainable Family Book 📚 club

Families who read together in one sustainable club!

We are encouraging all individuals to share and making this Covid19 book club a memory by sharing thoughts with a positive note 📝!

Imagining 2030 spring . when we hear families talk about that gold standard of quality family time, Family Game Night OG 2020 The Covid year! Let’s write a story together and preserve it for generations to share .

You share every day story in the form of write up/poem/story/singing/art/act.…we will recreate, restructure and prepare a story board …”The collective Covid 19 family book 📖 “ to celebrate family day.

Because book clubs are awesome, and even more awesome when you don’t have to leave your house.
Our monthly book club is a highlight of our social calendar. It’s amazing & fun, how different other people’s perspectives on a book can be, which means that by the end of the evening you’ll frequently walk away with a much broader, more well-rounded understanding of whatever you read. And what could be better than getting all that great discussion without even having to change out of your comfy pants?

The conversational nature of a book club also means they’re very well suited to including faraway family members—perfect for families who are scattered around the world.

Just dial them up on Whatsapp or Skype or Zoom, position the laptop in a convenient location, and start chatting.

Because books provide fantastic valued dinner conversation, whether that’s for daily family dinner or tense Thanksgivings when you’re desperate to find something to talk about that’s not politics or religion.
You may not all support the same primary candidate, but surely everyone agrees William Shakespeare is a treasure for life (if they don’t, disown them immediately. Some things can’t be gotten over).

Because if you have younger children it’s a great way to show them how fun reading and talking about books can be, and if you have (or are) an older child, it’s a great way to bond as adults.
Helping a child find a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, and if your children are already grown, or if you’re a grown child looking for a way to stay close with your parents, books are a wonderful excuse to get together once a month and really talk.

Because it’s a low-cost way to entertain an entire family.
In the city where we live in, an evening out to the movies for a family of four could easily run over 30 pounds for tickets alone. Add in even very conservative refreshments and suddenly you’re looking at a sixty pounds price tag for two to three hours of entertainment. Getting a couple of books to share between you won’t break the bank. Even a quiet lavish affair with a special dessert could cost less than half what a movie would.

Because it’s an opportunity to learn something new about each other.
The greatest thing about any book club is not the opportunity to talk, it’s the opportunity to listen—and what family couldn’t use a little more of that? You might be surprised by the stories and experiences you learn about, even from your nearest and dearest.

Convinced? Of course you are. Pick a topic and start! If you want to be connected with any fascinating family or individuals under Pencil For Change community, Then reach out to us at



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