Slate and Chalk

The value of the handwritten letter or a simple note lies within this language of time and care. Writing to someone taking the time to craft a note, none of this goes unnoticed. A letter, before the content is even read, has already said, “I care about you. You’re someone special.” And that is a message that all enjoy.

If we go back in time to find the origins of humans starting to write handwritten notes it can be found in the fourteenth century and evidence suggests that it was used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The central time period for the writing slate, however, “appears to begin in the later eighteenth century, when developments in sea and land transport permitted the gradual expansion of slate quarrying in Wales and the growth of a substantial slate workshop industry.” By the nineteenth century, writing slates were used around the world in nearly every school and were a central part of the slate industry. At the dawn of the twentieth century, writing slates were the primary tool in the classroom for students. In the 1930s writing slates began to be replaced by more modern methods. However, writing slates did not become obsolete. They are still made in the twenty-first century, though in small quantities.

Slate and chalk also have a low carbon emission which is beneficial and important at a time when every country, organization and individual is trying to reduce carbon emission.

We at Shape Of Life have also taken various steps to reduce carbon emission, in this process we have created an additional installation of a slate and chalk option in our Eco House which you can use to write personal notes or reminders to your loved ones.  If you want to know more about our product and its use please click here.

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