Magical Eco House

Magical Eco House

We have created a unique puzzle for the whole family which will not only be a fun project but also is a multi-purpose educational toy. Our eco house can be used as a home décor; also we have installed a senor based sanitizer and tissue box keeping in mind the current world situation. It can be also used as a To-do list planner, mini kitchen garden.

If we go back to how and when puzzles originated; it started with jigsaw puzzles, John Spilsbury, an engraver and mapmaker from London invented the first jigsaw puzzle in 1767. First puzzle was a map of the world. Children’s puzzles have moved from just being used for lessons to a source of entertainment, showing diverse subjects like animals, nursery rhymes, and modern tales of superheroes.

In 1909, Parker Brothers devoted their entire factory to manufacturing puzzles. In 1933 sales reached an astounding 10 million per week. The introduction of die-cut cardboard puzzles was another turning point in the production of puzzles, especially since inexpensive cardboard allowed manufacturers to mass produce puzzles.

Puzzles can help children develop their cognitive skills. As puzzles come in a whole range of themes and topics such as alphabets, shapes, animals, and colors, these themes and topics increase children’s visual awareness and develop their understanding of them. Puzzles can also help develop someone’s problem solving skill. For a solver to complete a puzzle, the solver must think of different strategies on how to approach the problem or the puzzle at hand in order to achieve a certain goal.

Solving puzzles also helps in developing hand-eye coordination. When children flip, turn, or remove pieces of the puzzle, they are then learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. Their eyes see the problem or the puzzle, and the brain works on how to solve it. Puzzles also help improve the vocabulary, memory, and overall reasoning and raise someone’s Intelligence Quotient or IQ.

Current scenario is leading our world towards destruction of its natural resources which will adversely affect the life-cycle and lead to extinction of every species. We need to step up as individuals and change how we exploit our resources and how to save them for a better and safe future. One of the contribution leading adverse effect on environment is from plastic toys which are non biodegradable and can be found anywhere around the globe, be it ocean or land.

380 million tons of plastic waste is annually generated across the globe, of which 90.5% plastic waste goes un- recycled which leads to 1.8 billion metric tons of CO2 released into environment. If you want know more about plastic waste please click here

United Nation sustainability Goals

Following the footsteps of the United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals we have come up with bio-degradable educational block puzzle which is made from scrap materials such as certified wood, brass, cellulose board, cork sheet and we have specifically used eco friendly vegetable tanned premium leather which is not dipped in chromium to reduce the carbon footprint and bio-degradable which will lead to sustainable future hence taking baby steps towards a better future which is more towards the nature and its importance in Human life. As our educational toy is handmade, the carbon footprint is negligible, our factory average footprint is 1.21 metric tons, which equates to 1.14 metric tons per year and the average footprint for people in India is 1.73 metric tons. The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 5 metric tons and the worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 metric tons.

We are in a continuous process to reduce our carbon footprint to help lower worldwide carbon footprint less than 2 metric tons.Read more about United Nation’s sustainability Goals click here.

Materials used building our Eco house are scrap materials which we have salvaged and used it to create the Eco house puzzle, hence creating a small bubble of a zero waste community.

All the materials which are left while creating the Eco House are then used again to create miniature stuffed animal plush toys, Tic Tac Toe elements, slipper stick-on’s and other elements, hence maintaining a Zero Waste Community. Read more about Zero Waste Community click here.

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Giving Back To Nature

We have been exploiting our natural resource for a very long time and now it is time to stop and start giving back to nature by consciously using natural resources, aiming not to rely on synthetic products and by using more biodegradable products.

We at Shape Of Life have taken steps towards saving our nature by using bio-degradable materials to create our range of products and we are also giving plant seeds with our Eco House for you to plant in the mini kitchen garden. We have also created a cracker shaped planter which is biodegradable and can be planted directly and watch a toy becoming a plant. Read more about Nature click here.

Materials Used: Wall Panels, Boxes, Beaks

Our wall panels are created by using cellulose board as the base material and cellulose board is made with waste papers, cardboard and wood shavings, and we use vegetable tanned leather to wrap the outer walls, the inner walls are wrapped with cork sheet and the leather used is not coated with harmful chromium which makes it toxic and hard to decompose.
Beaks are created by melting old scrap brass and shaping it into a brass beak, also scrap aluminum is melted into a leak proof box for keeping liquid. If you want know more about Materials Used please click here


We enjoyed solving this puzzle with my daughter to create a multipurpose Eco House, strengthening the bond with my daughter and creating a unique multipurpose home décor with a sensor based sanitizer considering the current scenario.

-Vineeta, mom;  Aradhya, daughter

Our pre-cut wall panels are in different shapes and have different cuts to join different panels and create the Eco House. Kids can learn different types of shapes and how to solve the puzzle and increase problem solving skills of your kids.

Pre-cut wall panels are more environmentally friendly in actual home construction which is technically called Prefabricated Architect. Prefab helps in reducing up to 52% of onsite construction site wastage, also it reduces project completion period, and it reduces power consumption up to 70% of daily energy consumption. If you want to read more about prefabricated architecture click here.

Showcasing our Eco house sensor based sanitizer mechanics, where we have used a senor which is connected to the motor which is kept inside a sealed aluminum box. When the sensor gets activated it turns on the motor which pulls the liquid and transfers it to the beak of our bird.

Your kid can learn how gravity, kinetic energy, potential energy works. When any object comes near the sensor, it sends the signal to the motor which then pushes the liquid through the pipe, Potential Energy stored in the water starts increasing and it reaches its maximum, when it reaches to the beak, at this point, Kinetic Energy of water is at its minimum. Gravitational Force always acts downwards, so, because of the Gravitational force the water starts falling from the beak and the Kinetic Energy of water starts increasing till it reaches the surface. If you want to read more about Importance Of Educational Toys click here.

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Eco house can be used to teach kids about the value of water and importance of saving our valuable resources also teach kids gravity, using the mechanics of touch-less sanitizer also we have added two compartments to keep air purifying plants in your home like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, etc. how roofs and kids can also learn how different types of roofs are created to circulate cold air into house forcing the hot air to escape the house.  If you like to read more about different types of roof constructions and its benefits please click here.

In the current world scenario we have come up with a nifty senor based sanitizer eco house puzzle which you can create with your family. With this Eco House parents can be rest assured about the safety of their kids even on their play date, kids can sanitize and have their party and keep themselves safe and enjoy their play date which is right now one of the most important part of life, kids have been restricted to their home for a very long time due to the pandemic and they need to be socially active and enjoy their life.

This product has multi use and can not only be used as sanitizer but also we have added a drawer which you can use as tissue dispenser, we have also added a mini kitchen garden and a separate compartment for planting your desired plant, also eco house has a reusable board which can be used as to-do list planner. The Eco house can also be used as a home décor as we have used premium leather and also beautifully hand painted the eco house. Read more about sanitizer click here.

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Hand painting the eco house sanitizer with water based color on vegetable tanned cruelty free leather to create a personalized feel to the Eco House also giving it a Luxury feel.

In addition to this Eco House can be used as a senor based touch less sanitizer and a tissue dispenser. If you want to learn more about vegetable tanned leather please click here.

Our exclusive hand crafted and hand painted Eco House gives a royal look to your home and hand painting adds a personal and a premium value to the Eco House. You can also personalize any of the panels of your choice. Each piece of Eco House is different as all of the panels are hand crafted and hand painted; also we have used premium vegetable tanned leather so that you can use it as home décor. If you want to learn more about hand painting and its value please click here.

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We have also taken care on how you can use the eco house to create two different compartments into kitchen garden in which you can grow different types of herbs or you can plant air purifying plants as well. We also have added magnets to the smaller compartment which can be attached to the refrigerator or any other place of your choice.

You can sanitize and use the tissue box and can pluck your own herbs from the nifty kitchen garden in the eco house.

Show-off your Eco House to your guest and get appreciated for solving and creating a beautiful functional home décor.

If you want to learn more about indoor gardening and air purifying plants please click here.

In the Eco House we have also added a reusable slate and a natural stone chalk for you to leave your family a handwritten note on the re-usable black board which will not only give a personal touch but also has low carbon emission and reduces paper wastage. If you want to learn more about the history of slate and chalk please click here.

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With our Eco House we aim to teach kids about different shape and how to connect them to create different types and sizes of compartments. Kids can also learn how to utilize different compartments and its importance. Our team has hand crafted each panel with premium leathers, and bio degradable materials. If you want know more about handmade products please click here.

Shape of life aims to reduce global carbon foot print by using natural and bio degradable materials and we also aim to educate our younger generation more about reducing carbon footprint and how to move towards a sustainable living culture. If you want to learn more about carbon footprint and how to calculate it please click here.


Components used in our eco house such as vegetable tanned leather, cellulose board, and cork sheet are bio degradable and will disintegrate into the earth without leaving toxins behind. If you want learn more about disintegration and ecological foot print please click here.

Shape of Life is taking baby steps towards a sustainable living and in process we have used bio-degradable materials to create our eco house, we are using vegetable tanned premium leather, wastage cork sheet, cellulose board; hence following the footsteps of United Nations Sustainability goals save our Earth for the future generation. If you want to learn more about sustainable living please click here.

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We have also created an add-on feature to the Eco House where you can add your own personalized wooden stamp which can be use to stamp on fabric, books, mail, etc. If you want to learn more about wooden block prints and its history please click here.

Eco House individual parts can also be utilized separately, the eco house planter (Mini Kitchen Garden) can also be separately attached to any metal surface like refrigerator with the help of the inbuilt magnets. If you want to learn more about multipurpose products and its benefits please click here.

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