Sharing The Earth

Nature is an important and integral part of mankind. It is one of the greatest blessings for human life; however, nowadays humans fail to recognize it as one. Nature has been an inspiration for numerous poets, writers, artists and more. Essentially, nature is everything we are surrounded by like the water we drink, the air we breathe, the sun we soak in, the birds we hear chirping, the moon we gaze at and more. Above all, it is rich and vibrant and consists of both living and non-living things.

We are living in a time when human impacts on the environment are changing the face of our planet. Our planet can only produce a finite number of resources from food, to water and can only withstand a certain degree of greenhouse gas emissions in order to stay healthy. We only have one Earth and are utterly dependent on it for our survival and well-being. Since burning fossil fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere and causes the Earth’s temperature to rise, the less fossil fuel we burn the smaller our environmental impact will be.

Sustainable living is all about reducing our individual environmental impacts, which ultimately is done by utilizing fewer resources and less fossil fuel. As more and more people and importantly, corporations and governments start living more sustainably it will reduce the average carbon footprint.  We have listed out a few of the methods in which we can cut down our own carbon footprint, to help nature sustain and repair itself.

In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange.

Going zero waste is a great step towards combating climate change. Practicing the 5 R’s of zero waste can help. You’ve probably heard of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But there are two more that are equally important.

REFUSE: Avoid single use plastics and paper products by saying no thank you, opting for reusables.

REDUCE: Downsize what you purchase, opting to be more mindful of what you really need.

REUSE: Always find a way to keep an item out of the landfill by keeping it in great condition, repairing or up cycling it when it breaks.

ROT: Set up a compost system for your food scraps, or find a food scrap drop off center (like a farmers market, or community garden) near your house.

RECYCLE: Properly recycle any plastic, paper, glass or metal that comes into your life you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse by researching your state’s recycling laws.

We at Shape Of Life have taken steps to make sure we are reducing our factories carbon footprint and moving towards a better and sustainable future. If you want to see how we have created a zero waste community to support sustainable living and reduce carbon footprint with our line of products please click here.

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