Santosh Kumar Dash, India

Quarantining time “passion for stress free penademic situation” piece by Santosh Kumar Dash, India

This beautiful piece of encouraging “stress free life” is submitted by Santosh, A Telecom engineer, Odisha, India

This fascinating (Art of musical life) during Covid19, the worst global pandemic is by Santosh. It is a deeply moving piece of (art of musical life at the time of quarantining) work that we feel fortunate to put it in our featured wall. Thank you, Santosh for your valuable contribution. We think it will surely comfort millions particularly millennials who lost their jobs, having a tough time during this deadly covid 19 pandemic and back our mental health awareness campaign!

Santosh says:

Whether you’re listening to it or creating it, music can reduce stress and anxiety, distract you from negative feelings and emotions, and even relieve symptoms of health or mental health conditions. Music has been used to reduce physical and emotional pain and increase quality of life in medical and psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol programs, assisted living facilities, and cancer centers. These same music practices can be worked into your daily life.involving Myself in music instrument in this penademic situation for positive society.
The guitar is absolutely 100% insanely versatile. Take a second just to think of all the different styles of music you can play with the guitar? Mind-blowing when you really think about it. If you’re playing an electric guitar, that takes you into a whole new realm of possibilities.

If stress or anxieties make it difficult for you to do things, such as going to a busy store or riding on a train or airplane, music can help ground you before the fear turns into a full-blown panic attack. When you feel the anxiety begin to rise, take a few minutes to simply close your eyes and breathe to the music. If you would prefer to have your eyes open, you can keep a peaceful image such as a nature scene on your phone or printed out. Take slow, deep, rhythmic breaths, and within minutes, your heart rate and breathing can be slowed, bringing your stress level down and allowing you to do things you might not otherwise have be able to do.

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