The Mighty Lion


Handcrafted biodegradable hand-painted Lion made from up cycled premium vegetable tanned leather.

Dimensions: 4 inches x 3.3 inches

Sold By: Pencil for Change


The number of clashes between people and African lions increase as temperatures rise due to climate change. The research shows that global warming could lead to changes in the geographical range of  a disease carried by the tsetse fly – which can be deadly to cattle. African lion numbers have dropped by 42% over the last two decades, with violent clashes between humans and lions being one of the leading causes of this decline. Conflict commonly arises when lions prey on cattle, damage property or attack humans, which can lead to lions being killed in retaliation. Other large threats to lions include habitat loss due to agricultural expansion and poaching for the animals’ pelts. PFC’s Lion toy/home decor project is to conserve endangered Lions 🦁 !

Beautifully handmade Lion , which is completely made of vegetable tanned premium leathers that are collected from leather industries to fight against climate change. These are hand painted with (flora&fauna) concept to showcase our beautiful natural environment where lions live.