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Create your own slippers with your family and indulge in fun and creative activity with your family. In the times where handmade products are vanishing we have come-up with fully handcrafted premium hand painted slippers for men. It will perfectly fit for wearing indoor as well as outdoors. Our slippers are hand painted and this is our first line of slippers – Colors of Life. Children can learn how Needles were created by Neanderthals’ using animal bones, also can learn who Neanderthal were and how humans and Neanderthals are related.

Kindly refer to our video on how to stitch your own slippers.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

  — Margaret Mead

SHIPPING INFO: Dispatched in a maximum of 7 business days. This item is not eligible for return. Cancellation requests will be accepted strictly within 24 hours of placing the order only.

MATERIAL(S):  Recycled TPR Sole, Natural Felt, Consciously Sourced Woolen Fur, Velcro Patch, Premium Leather

 CARE: Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products

NOTE: This product is handmade and may have slight irregularities

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MADE BY : Shape of life

Sold By: Pencil for Change


Shape of Life- Handmade Slippers

  • Our handmade shoes are created with keeping nature in mind and using natural products and leftover leather, threads.
  • Kids can learn about how needles were created.
  • They will gain self-awareness which will be immensely helpful in shaping their young minds.
  • These will also encourage your children to take steps to bring change in the society.
  • Will enhance their presence of mind and make sure that they are aware about the problems that the world is facing.

What we use in creating the slipper.

All the materials used are handcrafted; it includes high quality consciously sourced woolen fur, Velcro patch, natural felt, recycled TPR and recycled up cycled vegetable tanned cruelty free leather.

Why use our Handmade Slippers 

  • Our product not only helps your child to make baby steps towards Sustainable Living but also helps them to develop their presence of mind.
  • Slippers are made responsibly taking nature and its sustainability in account.
  • It can also be used as an outdoor slipper.
  • Learn about history of Neanderthals, needles.

What our kit contains

Our Handmade Slipper contains leather, consciously sourced woolen fur, Velcro patch, natural felt, recycled TPR and hand painted animal face leather cut-out. We are also shipping all our products in biodegradable packaging.

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