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The robust holistic strategy for rapid economic transition towards carbon-neutral future—”the Green Deal”

It was once stated by Robert Harris “Civilization was a relentless war that man was doomed to lose eventually”

We live on a planet that is sick, the dark clouds shedding acid tears, inconspicuous, contaminated water, and the immediate adverse climate. There is considerable loss in our planet’s biodiversity which shows a growing trend. Does less flora and fauna involve fewer humans too?  Does it make sense to destroy our planet by polluting it and calling ourselves civilized? Mother Nature needs a balance to sustain life which is being compromised. There is a statistic by the World Health Organization (WHO) which shows about 3 million people die due to air pollution and related ailments each year. This does not stop here the situation is even worse in urban areas about 80% of people consume air which is below the safe limit standards and about 98% of cities do not meet proper air quality standards. If “WE “the humans can’t protect the nature and abuse it by pollution then nature itself has a plan to heal.

Today, we can see a clear sky, breath fresh air throughout the globe, the ozone layer is healing aimed COVID-19. This pandemic is rejuvenating the environment, there is an evident drop in the pollution level due to lockdown.



Isn’t it something we need to learn from?

From this point of view, we can change our lifestyle. At present our focus is not to fight the virus to get back into our usual business, which was imposing major threats to the environment. Rather, the goal is to fight the virus – and thereby transform business as usual into something more considerate and assured.

The immediate setting influences the behavior and motivation of the people to act…. It affects mood. For instance, the findings of many research studies show that bright light rooms, both natural and artificial, can boost health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, and sleep, leading to more learning, literacy, work, and a safe, sustainable lifestyle for all.

Knowledge consistently brings “The Opportunity to Make a Difference” for us all! Offer Education to the Person Who Really is out of luck! Be the instructor and be the student!


How are we different?

The differential approach at pencil for change (PFC) makes it an asset for the humanity and mother earth. The interlinking of business, technology, and sustainability is a must to preserve the Earth as everybody on this planet shares a common thing which is “The Earth”.

At PFC, the education is connected with the immediate environment. How about reimagining “school under a tree that also helps to reduce extra carbon emitted by us


We Make Education Interesting!

The campaign involves the change in the education system from teaching in classrooms to edify others in anything or everything one masters in an outdoor place so that every learning can be related with the environment.

When we are accepting ancient practices for other lifestyles, like switching to Yoga over weight-training so why are we forgetting the ancient culture of education.

PFC brings to you this unique way of learning where you understand the importance of nature while learning your subject be it Mathematics, Biology, Cooking, or anything.

Since the time being, nature has been a part of the curriculum of several sciences. Whether it’s philosophy or geography, when one combines the content with the real world, it gives a rewarding lesson.

Let’s understand better with a few remarkable examples;

Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligence talks about naturalistic intelligence i.e. many children have a unique connection with nature and can excel through it.

We must not forget that nature is the one who contributes the most to education. Newton’s theory of gravity commenced under a tree, C V Raman developed his rules through his experience in the ocean, and every philosophical proposition is somehow related to nature. Therefore, one has to acknowledge that nature is an indispensable part of human development, and reforms to accommodate it in the curriculum should be made as soon as possible.

PFC is open for all!

At PFC, we are building a community of teachers and students with no boundaries. This is not an ordinary classroom, we are providing you more than just equations, graphical representations, scientific terms, ingredients, etc.

If you have a talent, a skill to educate others positively, PFC is with you. Register with us, Become a teacher, and do the pious job of contributing to the careers of millions of learners.

Try to be the change. And, make your students live the change.

If you wish to learn or teach, Why PFC?

When screen time is rising up while we are taking classes online (E-learning), also the question might arise in your head: why you can’t learn from YouTube or any other social media platform…we have created a balanced version of E-learning through immediate environment…so you are not only reducing the screen time and listening to a recorded video but you directly interact with your favorite teacher, her immediate environment while learning your favorite topic…personal tutor from a “far land”. Social media are sometimes fake and instead of inspiring, it is getting vulnerable as well, people end up committing suicide and it’s increasing day by day…

Here, you are learning one to one. While learning about the immediate environment associated with your tutor from a far land. You are gaining more than just a subject, knowledge is not confined here!

Because, it is not an ordinary classroom. We are creating opportunities that no other platform is.

Want to know more? Here’s How!

When you Study the usual way, you learn the usual, that everyone else is. You will be confined with the usual only.

When you learn with PFC, you broaden your perception. You relate your subject with the environment, with nature. This gives you limitless opportunities to think out of the box, to do unusual, and to develop something new. You discover, you invent, with PFC.

Ultimately, it is all about nature. Everything we have is a form of nature only. So, studying with nature lets you come up with different ideas to excel in your life endeavors.

We aim to build One world, one Family, at PFC, and so we set no boundaries for any skill or talent. Teach what you are best at! Learn what you are interested in.

If you are skilled in cooking, driving, cricket, gardening, or anything, you are welcome here. Connect your talent with nature to bring a change to “under roof confined” education.

For instance, an Astrologer can teach about the patterns of stars in the night sky & other amazing facts related to the astrology. To relate astrology with the environment, you may compare the visibility of stars on a clear night in a highly polluted environment to a lesser polluted one.

In the current situation of social distancing, we should utilize the e-learning so that the Covid-19 could not affect the life of the learners, and even after this pandemic, learners continue to learn from nature and keep inventing.

Contribute to the Ecosystem, to the Mother Earth!

“Climate change” is a very serious concern in front of the human race and so we should take all the preventive measures we can to save our only home, “Mother Earth’. We can contribute to decrease the emission of the carbon from the vehicles by opting least travel.

We Encourage Outdoor Teaching! From the comfort of your home, feel the nature, and learn whatever you want!

The outdoor teaching should be encouraged as it has been proven scientifically that “teaching in open can enhance creativity and analytical thinking capacity of the learner”. This can also be learned from the ancient Indian education system where gurus used to teach students under a tree and encourage them to learn and observe from the surroundings. Outdoor teaching aids in better comprehension of the theoretical as well as practical concepts. The best lesson one can learn from the nature and surroundings is to learn discipline from the sun as each and every day, since the birth of the universe, the sun is rising on time as well as setting on time without any delay or unruly.

Note: we don’t entertain any negative thought or news at all on our platform. We filter out and publish.

Who can Join PFC? These are just a few examples, we are open for every professional skilled in their respective niche:

    Gardener: Teach what you are skilled at. Planting, lawn maintenance, hedge cutting, and shed & fencing repair, anything you know. Maybe, about the flora and fauna of the garden…
    Chef: Cooking lessons, Chopping lessons, Presentation lessons, Time management while cooking. It could be anything but your specialty.
   Environmentalist: They may teach how each one of us can contribute to the welfare of the environment like the etiquettes to throw garbage at the assigned place. Clean and Hygienic practices to keep in mind while traveling, exploring places with rich flora and fauna to help in balancing the ecosystem of the earth.
   Architect: They may give Basic to Professional lessons. Designing of the houses and hotels while considering the environmental impacts of the construction on the surrounding environment.
   Manager: They may teach the skills of management of events and team management. 
   Fitness coach: They may teach healthy ways of leading life including a balanced diet and exercises like yoga, cardio, Zumba, and weight training.
  Mobile & computer expert: Any person who has good knowledge of all the functions and settings of the mobile phone and computer may give related lessons. 
  Tailor: A tailor may teach the basics and advances of sewing.
   Farmer: A farmer may teach about the practices for growing a healthy and high yielding crop, the amount and kind of fertilizers to be used, for instance the use of biofertilizers and biopesticides which are not harmful for the environment should be promoted.
Teachers: They may share their knowledge of the particular subject of their expertise like Physics, chemistry, biology, accounts, economics, Hindi, English, Botany, Environmental Studies, History, etc.
  Little kid teachers: Kids learn a lot from each other. The idea behind this is crystal clear, kids adopt things more quickly from the other kid. The extent of the cross-culturing can benefit all the children living in remote areas of the world via the means of the online methods. Kids may learn moral values, basic daily practices, good eating habits, and other valuable lessons of life by watching videos or live sessions from other kids. This may also promote the urge inside the kid to learn more and faster to become like the teaching kid.

“At PFC, we welcome every professional, every talent, and every learner. Experience the revolution in education.”

Socialize with Immediate Environment

In the event that we truly need to develop and be upbeat constantly, we need to change our way of life and feel increasingly blissful with the immediate environment we are in and the prompt natural components sway our wellbeing in various manners.

About the entirety of the conduct that we consider to be ‘human instinct’ is learned through socialization. Furthermore, it is during socialization that we figure out how to walk, talk, and feed ourselves, about conduct standards that assist us with fitting into our general public. Socialization happens for an incredible duration thus we urge to gain from one another from various corners of the world.

There is no preferred method to begin once again to discuss the job of family in our social turn of events, as a family is normally viewed as the most significant operator of socialization. As newborn children, we are subject to others to endure. Our folks, or the individuals who assume the parent job, are liable for instructing us to capacity and care for ourselves. They, alongside the remainder of our family, additionally show us cozy connections, bunch life, and how to share assets. Moreover, they give us our first arrangement of qualities, standards, and convictions – a framework that is typically their very own impression economic wellbeing, religion, ethnic gathering, and the sky is the limit from there. Look at our (family section) for more.

Specialist of youth socialization is the School

The following significant specialist of youth socialization is the school. Obviously, the official motivation behind the school is to move subject information and show fundamental abilities, for example, following headings and complying with time constraints. In any case, understudies don’t simply gain from the scholarly educational program arranged by educators and school directors.

In school, we likewise learn social aptitudes through our communications with educators, staff, and different understudies. For instance, we get familiar with the significance of obeying authority and that to be fruitful, we should figure out how to hush up, to pause, and some of the time to act intrigued in any event, when we’re most certainly not. Remain associated in this one of its sort worldwide schools. We call it ((immediate environmental school))

Sebastain, as other kids, may even take in things from his teacher that she didn’t plan to educate. For example, he may discover that it’s ideal to shout out an answer as opposed to lifting his hand. At the point when he does as such, he gets uncommon consideration from the educator and is barely ever rebuffed.

Another operator of socialization that identifies with school is our friend circle or we can say, peer group. Dissimilar to the specialists we’ve just examined – family and school – peer group give us an open door as kids. Our companions have an extraordinary measure of effect on us when we are youthful.

Peers are critical with regard to socialization. In puberty, peers take on a significance that can exceed some other single impact. Peer pressure, regardless of whether plain or unpretentious, has an amazing impact. Peer Pressure can be negative (e.g., urging a youngster to smoke) or positive (e.g., jumping on each of the A respect move at school). Think about the peer impact and peer pressure you encountered as an adolescent. Look at our (individual section) for more.

Broad communications or Mass media is an incredible mingling specialist today, like never before because of its omnipresence. There are messages that we get from the media without staying alert that we are coordinating those messages into our minds (e.g., guys ought to be forceful, females should dress revealingly, and so forth) the cliché and non-stereotypical practices you watch. Look at our (collective news) area for more.

Make it One World, One Family

We all live in one planet, we breathe in the same air, make use of similar resources. But the fact here is the unequal distribution of all those resources which creates the difference between this one world. developed and developing countries

Why we are encouraging educators and learners: Targeting local community, local teacher, historian, geologist, travel agent, hotelier

Important point:  Targeting Developed country elders, millennials, kids to join, since we need to have an equitable world for all …they can share and educate developing countries people for a better world for all to live and share the resources equally!

On this account, developing countries who have lack of resources are still fighting for their basic needs like food shelter healthcare education, etc. For example: Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition; undernutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and delays recovery. (UNICEF: https://data.unicef.org/topic/nutrition/malnutrition/)

Lack of resources, lack of education, and lack of help.

We need to understand the sad reality these countries are facing every day. It is not about the competition between developed and developing countries, it is about saving the human lives, it is about giving the handful of humanity by the ones who can to improve the lives of those who need a helping hand.

Note: We don’t entertain any negative thoughts or news at all on our platform. We filter out and publish.

We believe in diligent & systematic efforts, supported by guidance and motivation. By providing curated learning experiences in various fields, we are enabling it to become an enriching experience for the students.

Online tutoring for our learners in Elementary, Middle and High School ensure flexible career advancement by our faculty.
Along with this study group classes and e-tutorials are assigned for successfully peaking The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations. Grade placements and standardised tests and online tuitions become a combined stepping stone for growth for our students.

E-learning classes for all subjects prescribed by The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as well as The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are furnished to the citizens of tomorrow. Creative tools are employed along with theoretical learning to motivate our pupils.