Memorial Services


We understand that your visit to us is not in the best of circumstances.


Impressions of palm or foot of the loved ones who passed away are taken in a scientific manner.

The options for memorial services are limitless. It can be challenging to plan a grand memorial service. It can be a religious “traditional” service, a “life celebration” party, or something in between – there are very many choices for a grand memorial service. We at Last Rites have gathered some uniquely different types of memorial services which will be of some assistance in planning the perfect life celebration or memorial service.

Funeral Flowers
Funeral flowers come in all colors, styles, and designs. There is plenty of choice in choosing a particular flower or color as part of an overall theme. This can include hobbies, organizations, associations, sports etc. These flowers will be offered from our side at a specific date and time stated by you, if commissioned.

Scholarship for students in Lieu of Flowers

If it is considered that flowers are incorrect and non-permanent, the flower money can be used to make a donation to a donor-advised fund “in memoriam”. These funds thus collected can be donated to a charitable organization or fund activities which reflects the passions and interests of the deceased.

Memorial Painting
This is a specially commissioned work of art and may take some time to deliver. It will be worth it to see the loved one beautifully and artistically memorialized.

Memorial Service Photos
Memorial photo of the deceased can be a simple framed print or as elaborate as a custom painting or laser engraved portrait. With the quality and affordability of professional portrait photography, creating high quality and unique photo memorials for displaying a loved one’s image at a memorial service is not a simple task.
The loved one’s image can be a framed print or the last shot photos or painted portrait photo memorials (digitally created old-world style painting from a photograph) or memorial photo collection (a personalized photo collection of an individual’s life: young and old photos, solemn and fun occasions, special achievements and hobbies, with religious and other meaningful symbols) or memorial photo plaques (laser engraved granite plaque for displaying a memorial portrait) – to name a few.

Customized Memorial Candles
These are personalized memorial candles with custom engraving of text or photo of the deceased to be given away as a special memorial gift for family and friends.

Memorial Slideshow
Organizing a slideshow of photos taken from all stages of the individual’s life with captions to show what year, or where, photos were taken. This will help the memorial service attendees to piece together aspects of the person’s life with which they may not be familiar. Or a video can be made and posted online.

Poems, Quotes, and Sayings
Everybody has a favorite poem or a verse or a song. If the loved one had a favorite quote, poem, Bhagavadgita / Bible / Holy Quran verse, or song lyric – using that the memorial gifts are prepared. Use these quotations to sum up ideas, inspire and encourage, and to eloquently express grief, hope, and love.

Plant a Memorial Tree
During the memorial service one activity is to plant a memorial tree in the name of the deceased person. We can offer a wide selection of trees which grow using the cremated remains or ashes in a proprietary mixture which nourishes and sustains the memorial tree. The attendees can also participate in the planting process. This memorial service aims at healing and connecting with nature.

Memorial Tree Seedlings
Giving memorial tree seedlings for memorial service attendees to plant in honor of the deceased loved one. This is a beautiful gesture in celebration of life of the loved one. The guests are bound to tell as to how and where they planted the tree. Thus, the memory lives on.
The mentioned above Memorial services are not exhaustive. You can ask for any type of Memorial service/product, we will customize to your needs and deliver to you with utmost quality and service.