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Quarantining time “art of healthy life” by kukatpally f45training fitnesses center.

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This beautiful piece of encouraging “Ways to live a healthy life” is submitted by Jahangir, the founder and his team of F45 global fitness center, F45 Training Kukatpally, fitness studio in Hyderabad, India!

It is a deeply positive moving piece of (art of healthy lifestyle at the time of quarantining) work, that we feel fortunate to put it in our featured wall. Thank you Jahangir and your team for your valuable contribution. We think it will surely comfort millions of people at the time of deadly covid 19 pandemic and back our mental health awareness campaign particularly for millennials.

Jahangir & his team says:

How we do our workouts at home (during the lockdown period).

As our members are not able to come to the studio due to lockdown it is very important that we keep them engaged during this time so that they don’t lose the track of their fitness journey.

Since we believe in team training and many of our members love to workout together, we have decided to start our online workouts by bringing our members who are interested to do workout together at the same time. For this we use our F45 Program which is typically run in the studio but without using any equipment. By using Zoom we send an invite to all the members so that they can join for the workout. The host of the session will share the screen with all other members containing the workout program.

We have 2 trainers on the session as well, they join and see all the members on their form and guide them accordingly. This way at least we can help our members during this lockdown period instead of not doing anything at all.

Did social distancing measures and lock down measures have got some impacts?

Yes. It helped to lessen the infection rate and in turn will lead to early recovery from the pandemic.

Noise pollution in your neighbourhood before the lockdown and now, Did “Near-threatened species of birds return to your neighbourhood?

Yes, we can now hear the chirping of birds in our surroundings.

Did you feel, Our earth have got clean sky, river, road, clean water, clean air to breath?

Yes, as most of the industries are locked out and not operational, many rivers are getting cleaned, less pollution due to no vehicles plying around.

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