Smart Transfer Plan

A smarter plan to invest lump sum into equity mutual funds

5+ Years | 12-14% Historical returns | No lock-in

Best used for
Grow wealth, Retirement, Kids education. Alternate investment strategy for large lumpsum investment.


  • If you want to invest a lump sum amount in Equity, but also want to reduce the impact of volatility, this plan is ideal for you!
  • Cost Averaging. You do not enter into equity funds all at once and average your purchase price over a few months.
  • Better than a SIP. Instead of keeping your lump sum in your bank account, park it in liquid funds which grow 2-3% faster.
  • Flexible. You can stop, and restart, your STP at any time

How does Scripbox Smart Transfer Plan work?

Scripbox Smart Transfer Plan helps you invest a lump sum while reducing the impact of market volatility. First, the lump sum amount is fully invested into Liquid funds. Then, every month, a certain amount is moved from these Liquid funds into Equity funds.

Which mutual funds?
Your money will be first invested into liquid funds and moved into equity funds.


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* The amount for the final month will differ. The entire amount remaining in the liquid fund, including the returns generated, will be transferred in the last month.