Sarai at Toria, Panna, Madhya Pradesh

Sarai at Toria appears to be an organic part of its grassland location on the west bank of the beautiful Ken River. Its rammed-earth mud cottages are decorated with natural and handmade elements. A stay at the resort is all about downtime with nature, and its many nooks and crannies encourage guests to read a book sheltered by the tall grass.

Even the dining area looks out over the river, and it is common to glimpse jackal, jungle cat, civet, or mongoose. Sarai at Toria’s attempt to maintain the sanctity of the area is evident from the in-house solar plant which meets all the property’s electricity requirements. The flora is completely indigenous to the landscape, which means you won’t find any exotic plant species here. Pests are controlled using tobacco, lemon, citronella, and eucalyptus products. There are no plastic mineral water bottles (only filtered water), and chemical-free toiletries are purchased in bulk and decanted into glass vials.