The Tamara Coorg

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Our Luxury Cottages offer a spectacular view of the surrounding greenery, while the interiors reflecting the serenity of nature in subtle pastel tones. A bed on an elevated platform adds a dramatic element and a spacious look to the living area. These cottages open to an east-facing private sundeck, an ideal spot to unwind at any time of day.

  • Number of Cottages: 41 regular and 1 accessible cottage
  • Area: 608 square feet
  • Occupancy: 2 adults
  • Extra Person: 1 Adult

Our Luxury Cottages are fully equipped with all amenities to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. These rooms come with non-alcoholic mini bar on chargeable basis, LCD television with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi and comfortable lounge chairs in a private balcony – perfect for a lazy holiday!


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Lush greenery, plantations of the most aromatic coffee, cardamom and pepper, beautiful streams, and gushing waterfalls, all experienced in a stunning eco resort:
All the makings of a rejuvenating vacation, making memories of a lifetime!

Welcome to The Tamara Coorg; a luxury experience nestled in the heart of the hills, where you can rediscover the joy of being in nature; where your quest for serenity ends.

The Tamara Coorg spans 180 acres and is located over 3,500 feet above sea level. Here, you will experience nature and luxury at its best as you wake up to the breathtaking view and the calming silence of the hills, disturbed only by the chirping birds and the rustle of leaves.

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