Neo Sanjivani Nectar Box – Corporate | Immunity | Sampler | 6 x 40 g


Sold By: Pencil for Change


Want to impress someone? Neo Sanjivani Nectar Gift Pack is your key to their heart. Be it an official celebration, festive occasion, have a reason to gift, or you want to taste our range of honey, it is the best fit. Packed with finesse, the variety of honey in the box is full of antioxidants, phytochemicals and numerous health benefits.

What’s in it?

The box has a collection of all six varieties of natural honey that will entice you with its flavourful taste and purity. The kinds of honey that are in this box are acacia, Jamun, rosewood, Kashmir white, tulsi and wild forest honey. Each kind of honey has its taste with distinct origins and health benefits.