Mighty Water & People Boat


Handcrafted Biodegradable hand-painted Water body (Mighty River & Ocean) and Boat made from up cycled premium vegetable tanned leather.

Boat Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 4.4 inches

Water body(The mighty river & ocean) Dimensions: Half inches x 22 inches

Sold By: Pencil for Change


We see rampant wildfires, coastal flooding, increased severity and frequency of hurricanes, and record high temperatures. All these events have one thing in common: climate change. Climate change increases the intensity and frequency of weather events, and will continue to wreak havoc unless we do something about it. More over shipping contributes to climate change through emissions of Black Carbon, tiny black particles, produced by combustion of marine fuel. The highest amounts of black carbon particles are produced by ships burning heavy fuel oil. Most widely talked about, reducing greenhouse gas emissions would require transformative changes in energy, transportation and food production, along with changes in social behaviors. PFC’s Boat & water body (mighty river & ocean) toy/home decor project is to create awareness regarding a cleaner transportation.

Beautifully handmade boat & water body (mighty river & ocean) , which is completely made of vegetable tanned premium leathers that are collected from leather industries to fight against climate change. These are hand painted with edge colours and humans celebrating life)! Hand painting is done to preserve the beautiful Boita Bandana rituals ! To commemorate the day when Sadhabas (ancient Odia mariner merchants) would set sail to distant lands of Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka for trade. Boita Bandana means “to float ritual boats and worshipping with lighted lamp” and comes from the tradition of making decorated boats, which are then floated on a river as a symbolic gesture of their ancestors’ voyage.