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[simple_icon name=”safari”]  Length : 2 Weeks [simple_icon name=”airplayvideo”]  Language : English [simple_icon name=”prezi”]  Level : Introductory [simple_icon name=”internetarchive”]  Subject : HTML [simple_icon name=”googlescholar”]  Price: 33$ [simple_icon name=”mattermost”] Effort:6 – 9 hours in a week , session charges – 33$ in a group, 50$ – when you take (one to one) class. [simple_icon name=”cashapp”] Video Transcript : English [simple_icon name=”safari”]  Availability: Monday 2pm-4pm (IST), Wednesday 2pm-4pm (IST), Friday 2pm-4pm (IST).

What you’ll learn


There are three main types of Tags in HTML; Opening Tag, Closing tag and Content tag. Each tag have it’s different functions and methods. This all tags helps us to run our program and documents without any error and correctly

HTML program is started using <HTML> tag. This tag indicates that, this is HTML code or text to be displayed in browser. Second tag in any HTML document is <Head> tag. This tag represents the title of the webpage. The most important tag; Body tag; Indicates the all visible content on the web. This tag represents the all sub-tags on the webpages.

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Welcome – We start with opportunities to meet your instructors and fellow learners.

Html  Learning – In this module, we then explore baseline html that will help you to create your own webpage linking image and text and many more.

Learning Strategies – This module will help you get the most out your online learning experience. We cover effective study strategies and practices, making plans and setting priorities, and practicing self-regulation skills.

Communication and Community – In this module, we talk about the importance of Html. We cover strategies for technology, building website with your instructors and fellow learners.

What’s Next? – Get started learning online!

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