Language of Love Sweatshirt


Invoguevari’s love for Art is reflected in these customized hand-embroidered organic sweatshirts showcasing eternal love between two people. Seen here on the sustainable low carbon sweatshirt, are exquisitely hand embroidered Assamese language Alphabets,’E’ and ‘K’.  The letter ‘E’ very organically makes its way to the letter ‘K’, personalising the journey of love between an Assamese girl, ‘Esha’ towards a Punjabi Boy, ‘Karan’. Hand threaded with beads, each bead evokes the strength and courage each love story tells the world. These art works can be customised as per your need.

Sold By: Pencil for Change



Encapsulate your memories with us!

We provide opportunities in the way of priceless artwork on these sweatshirts, available in all colors, personalised and individualised exclusively for you. No two products from Invoguevari are the same! Not available anywhere else, Invoguevari takes pride in preserving your memories in wearable art form. As an added bonus, we also offer the option of exclusive art installation of your purchase. Once you are done wearing our clothing, we provide an opportunity to preserve your memories with the sweatshirt by having it framed along with five of your memorable photographs.

Order with us and make lifetime memories….literally!

**Terms and Conditions apply. No charges applicable for conceptualization and execution. Material Cost and Shipping are extra.