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To separate, slightly twist while sliding back panel off, do not pull from faceplate.

For use with woven materials, make sure included wire prong is inserted and secured.

Pro Tip :: Nail polish remover (We love Cutex Care Swipe and Go Nail Polish Remover Pads and melamine sponge cleaners) to remove writing directly on holder.

Warning: This item contains magnets. While secure in metal housings, it is possible overtime that a magnet can become loose and dislodged. All children must be supervised during assembly and disassembly.

Patent pending.

Made in China.

3.25″W x 1.5″H

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Can a label holder be considered a disruptor?! If so, then meet our Metal Label Holder. With four ways to attach to bins or baskets, labeling is now quick and easy. Magnets make it possible to adhere to metal and fabric and an included nylon tie allows it to be threaded through woven materials. You can even thread string through the holes provided in the back plate to use it as an additional label. This is truly the first label holder of its kind and we know you will love it!

For step by step instructions of all the possibilities, see our instructions in the image gallery. That’s not all, they also work perfectly with our Pantry Label Set and our Blank Label Set.

If you are interested in getting custom labels printed to complement our labels

Sold in sets of 5.

Pro Tip :: Sharpie’s white oil-based pens can be used to write directly on the label holders.

Labels seen in images sold separately.


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