Jagannath Puri Khaja


A typical and unique sweet used as one of the chappan bhogs of Lord Jagannath in Puri.
Khaja is prepared in the temple of Lord Jagannath daily and served as a mouth-watering Prasad. This wonderful sweet made by frying concentric circles of chapatti like dough, then dipped in sugar syrup (coat), infused with ethnic flavors is said to be Lord Jagannath’s favorite. ~Well Packed for shipping purpose which maintains its quality
~Keep it in an Air-tight container after opening the packet
~This is a Prasad Pack which comes with a mini ‘Nirmalya(Mahaprasad)’

~This is a Prasad Pack which comes with a mini ‘Nirmalya(Mahaprasad)’. Read our blog to know more(https://pencilforchange.com/exotic-puri-khaja-making/).

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