Biodegradable zero-waste seeded magnetic chilli crackers/ chilli cracker fridge magnet


This biodegradable, zero-waste seeded magnetic chilli crackers/ chilli cracker fridge magnet contains 11 seeds (tomatoes, chillies, coriander & more) is handcrafted from biodegradable premium leather discarded from leather industries. #climatecrisis #stoppollution #circulareconomy #celebration #stopnoisepollution #growplants #kitchengarden

Sold By: Pencil for Change


Festivals are meant to spread joy and help in getting all of us together. It’s hard to overstate their importance in our lives. But how about our nature, can we withstand the consequences if we cross the climate tipping point? Firing crackers on Diwali festival, increase the concentration of dust and pollutants in the air. After firing, the fine dust particles get settled on the surrounding surfaces which are packed with chemicals like copper, zinc, sodium, lead, magnesium, cadmium and pollutants like oxides of sulfur and nitrogen. “As custodians of the planet, it is our responsibility to take care of our planet with all species and its ecosystem. We still forget that our planet is not just inhabited by us; it belongs to a diverse range of ecosystems and we are all dependent on each other for survival and sustenance. Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-Free World with festivals all year round. Let’s not fire 🔥 crackers, make noise and pollution, instead let’s celebrate with giving life to 🌱. This year, me and my team launching a beautiful piece of (art crackers) that can be used as fridge magnets 🧲 and can be used as herbs and veggies in pots when discarded for a healthy sustainable living!

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PFC has always been about bringing true stories to life. While we are all going through challenging times, PFC is here to ensure that nothing dampens your festive spirit. With a box of chocolates, macarons, cookies or gift hampers with a little bit of everything, make it sustainably special with our biodegradable premium climate responsive seeded magnetic crackers from PFC (sustainable luxury)

Come and indulge in PFC and gift a feeling, gift a memory that one will cherish forever.

If we are talking about pollution and environment, we also have to make sure that we make each Diwali a little less harmful for the environment. Crackers and other sources of air pollution make our air quality almost unbreathable. So we have done our small parts to make this Diwali a little less harmful for our earth. Instead of bursting real crackers this year, consider choosing our make-shift cracker,made of waste leather containing seeds of Tomato, Okra, Coriander and eggplants inside. Once you have used the seeds and contributed somewhat towards making our planet greener, the rest of it can also be used as fridge magnets.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Order it today and give your family the greatest gift this diwali and avail 10% special discount for save the planet campaign: COP26

Wash Care Instructions : Gentle Wash, Wash Dark Colours Separately

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