A complete set of Taco Legend Blend Refills


A complete set of our unique Taco Legend blends specially formulated to be used with the How to Be a Taco Legend cookbook!

Get an automatic 10% off for 4 blend refills, or a huge 15% off for 8 blend refills of Ancho, Canela, Chipotle and Orégano!


Sold By: Pencil for Change


We’re now using compostable bags for all 4 Taco Legend blend refills, which can break down in your compost bin or be disposed of with your food waste! Read about our progress so far in trying to reduce our waste and use of plastics, (and ultimately make ALL our Taco Legend products plastic-free) here!

ANCHO BLEND – Ancho powder, guajillo chilli, pasilla chilli, red bell pepper, annatto, sweet paprika

CANELA BLEND – Cinnamon, allspice, aniseed, cloves, bitter orange powder

CHIPOTLE BLEND – Chipotle chilli, sweet smoked paprika, toasted pasilla chilli, jalapeno chilli

ORÉGANO BLEND – Mexican oregano, toasted cumin, green bell pepper, coriander leaf, epazote, thyme