Pre Booking

When faced with having to make funeral arrangements, most people have no prior experience in organizing such an event, and little knowledge of what to do. Pre-planning or pre-paying or pre-booking for funeral can protect the loved ones from unnecessary stress related to making difficult decisions at an emotional time and relieve them from any financial burden. Last Rites can alleviate this burden for you by guiding you through the planning process,explaining the products and services available and the costs involved in options such as:

  • Pre-paid / Pre Booking funerals,
  • Funeral Bonds – It is a specialized investment which enables an individual to accumulate funds to meet future funeral expenses. An investment in a Funeral Bond is similar to a life insurance policy, whereby the benefit becomes payable on death. The benefits must be used to meet an individual’s funeral expenses.
  • Life Insurance (in lieu of Funeral Insurance)

Pre-planning or pre-paying or pre-booking a funeral can be completed through an appointment with Last Rites to enable us record your wishes today. Alternatively, you can visit the lastritesindia website for more details.

Funerals can be expensive, costing several thousand USD, and many people worry that when they die, they won’t leave enough money for their funeral. With proper funeral planning, one can arrange and pay for it in advance. The funeral arrangement can be either for own funeral or for someone else’s, as long as the funeral will be held in India. Since there is no funeral insurance in India, there are other options and ways to plan for funerals.

A Last Rites Pre-Paid Funeral is one where the family establishes the funeral requisites and services that they wish to contract and pay for now, for provision at a future date. When planning for a funeral decision one must decide on the type of service and its location along with the content, band, puja and order of service, whether there will be a burial or a cremation, if burial, the choice of a coffin or a casket, the selection of obituary notices, deciding on floral tributes and looking at catering options. Last Rites will ensure that wishes are fulfilled.

Generally, the following are the basic cost components of a funeral. The ‘professional service’ fees from the Last Rites which include each of the tasks and services involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral. ‘Cemetery and crematoria’ or Samshan Ghat charges which are set by individual cemeteries and crematoria. The ‘coffin or casket’ costs which can vary based on the construction and type, quality, finish and style that has been chosen. Other part of disbursements payable may include newspaper notices, floral tributes, celebrant or Pundit fees, music and catering. The cost of a Pre-Paid Funeral is fixed, regardless of future price increases.

Payment of a Pre-Paid Funeral may be made in one lump sum or through a payment plan. When organizing a Pre-Paid funeral, it is important that family is advised that arrangements for a funeral have been made in advance. Copies of the Pre-Paid Funeral contract will be provided to the family members.

The average cost of a funeral is in US is $6,500, according to the National Funeral Directors Association which excludes the cost of cemetery and extras like flowers, obituary notices etc. If we were to include all the above, then the average price will be over $10,000. Arranging a cheap funeral on a budget can still be dignified! Funerals can be expensive, so much so, that these days a traditional funeral service can be beyond the means of most families. The average funeral costs around $8,000 and the average cremation costs in the region of $3,500. In India the average cost of a decent funeral as per one’s religious beliefs may cost up to Rs. 25,000/-

The question arises – do I have to pay for the funeral upfront? Most funeral homes require payment before the funeral service. Depending on the circumstances and financial circumstances you may be able to arrange for payment at a later date. For example, some funeral homes will accept a life insurance policy in lieu of advance payment – this is a highly technical issue and we can attend to this well at the Last Rites. Some funeral homes do offer loans for those who are unable to pay upfront. Others will decline new customers who cannot offer a deposit upfront or show that they can pay for the cost of the funeral.

Can anybody be forced to pay for someone’s funeral? There are no laws that require a citizen to hold a funeral however, nor any that determine who should pay for it. There is a catch here though…if you arrange the funeral then you will be responsible for the final bill.


  • A written contract to be provided by Last Rites to the client clearly detailing the funeral requisites and services contracted and paid for.
  • The price of each Pre-Paid Funeral should be fixed.
  • The financial institution holding the funds should easily accessible or at ‘arm’s length’ to Last Rites.
  • A certificate in the name of the client should be provided by the Insurer or financial institution.
  • The Insurer or financial institution should clearly guarantee that no funds can be withdrawn until the death and the funeral take place.
  • The financial institution must safeguard the funds of the client even if Last Rites company has gone out of business.
  • The Pre-Paid Funeral plans and associated procedures must comply with the relevant laws of the country.