Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

Swipe your lenses clean with Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes – the most hygienic solution to keeping your eyewear 100% safe at all times. Keep these pre-moistened, disposable, individually packed lens wipes near you and use them to wipe off any dust, oil marks, smudges or fingerprints on the go.

Note: Due to safety & hygiene measures, Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes are a non-returnable product.

Why Choose Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes


Keep your eyewear free from any germs using these alcohol-based wipes from Coolwinks. These gently clean any surface and wipe off all dust and dirt marks in a few swipes.


These are super convenient to carry. Just drop a few of them in your bag and clean any surface before touching it including your lens or frame.


These micro-fine tissues wipe off dirt and dust easily leaving no residue or scratches behind.


Clean off and disinfect surfaces like phone screens, webcams, laptops, computer screens and all types of lenses easily with all-in-one Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes.

Features of Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

 Safe & Effective

 Disposable Tissues

 Easy to Carry & Use

 Scratch-Free Cleaning

 Ideal for Most Surfaces

 Individually Packed Wipes

How To Use Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

Unfold the wipe to start cleaning the surface.

Gently move the wet Cleaning Wipes in a circular motion until dry.

For single use only. Throw the used wipe in the bin after use.

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Coolwinks Lens Cleaning Wipes

 Patch test before using on coated lenses and glossy surfaces

Contains isopropyl alcohol. Avoid contact with eyes.

Not designed for cleaning of Contact Lenses

Do not reuse the wipes. Dry wipes can scratch or irritate the surface