Last Rites Donations

Funeral donations to be made to a specific charity in memory of the person who has died. There may be a charity, or more than one, that immediately comes to mind.

If you are not sure whether the family has requested that donations be made, check the death notice (obituary). It’s best not to contact the family directly to ask about where donations can be made, since one can usually get this information from another person.

However, you may want to reach out to the family to talk to them about the cause to which you are donating, and the deceased’s involvement or interest in that cause. In that case please wait until after the funeral or memorial service, when the business and stress of the service has passed.

If you want to make a donation in the name of the person who died, you should give as much as you feel comfortable giving. Donating money to a cause in the name of the person who died is not necessarily meaningful because of how much money you give, but rather because it shows that you are thinking of the family and supporting the family.

Funeral donations can be made in several ways.

  1. Last Rites will assist you in this gladly. Donations can be sent to the CEO of Last Rites who will collect the total amount, sent it to the charity and then send you a summary of what was collected.
  2. Sometimes a family member is nominated as the person who will collect the donations and send it off to the Last Rites.

We honor the deceased by making donations in their memory. Many obituaries designate a charity selected by the family, but what if the organization is one you’d prefer not to support or worse, in conflict with your values? Do you donate anyway or ignore the family’s request, making a donation to a charity you support? And what if there is no indication of where to donate? How do you choose something appropriate?

Ask yourself, “Why am I making the donation?” Is it to both honor the deceased and bring comfort to their family? If so, then make a donation to the designated organization. If it’s an organization you would not normally support, you can give the minimal donation. If you want to ensure that a specific individual is notified of the donation, indicate who the donation is for and who you want the acknowledgment sent to, providing that person’s address.

If you do not know the bereaved family and would like to honor the deceased by supporting a cause you find meaningful, it is fine to make your own choice. You are the one that will find comfort knowing your donation in the deceased’s memory will make a difference.

When no one has indicated where to make a donation, then the choice is up to you. Did the deceased have a passion for nature, the environment, the arts, or humanity? If you’re uncertain, it’s often most appropriate to honor someone’s memory through a donation that helps someone in need. Many people find comfort knowing that those less fortunate will benefit so think in terms of food banks, the homeless, or other helping organizations.

Whatever you choose to do, honoring the deceased by helping others is a caring thing to do.

There is, however, another option, that many people are not aware of. In many cases, you can donate directly to the funeral home, as a way of helping the family of the deceased to pay for services. Last Rites India will accept donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card, to be put towards final arrangements. Family members of the deceased benefit from the additional funds and donors can be assured that the money they donate goes directly to the funeral home.

If you find yourself in need of help with funeral costs or other final arrangements for a loved one, or you’d like to donate funds to help another family, we welcome you to contact us directly.

Crowdfunding for Funeral Expenses

There is no greater loss than the loss of a loved one. The emotional strain of dealing with the loss is difficult and added to this the stress and worry of covering the expenses related to a death can be overwhelming. The expense related to death can be exorbitant, from the cost of the funeral, memorial or cremation or even help in getting friends and family for the services.

Most people are not financially prepared for the expenses related to the death of a loved one, as death is always unexpected. So who can we turn to for help in covering the expenses? Many people are turning to the help of others in covering these costs by setting up a funeral fund. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses is a way to enlist the help of friends, family, even from the kindness of strangers who want to help in this difficult time.

No matter what the cause, it’s never easy asking others for financial help directly and we understand this. Last Rites will help to set up a campaign in the name and memory of the less fortunate and will allow others to contribute funds to help cover the expenses of a funeral, memorial, or an extra financial help to the surviving family members.

We also understand the urgency in getting the funds needed to take care of your loved one in a timely manner. So the donations campaign account will be linked directly with the bank account and can easily be withdrawn or transferred to another financial institution of choice. Online donations using crowdfunding is a fast, easy and convenient way for others to lend a helping hand and send in their funeral and memorial donations.

We help the needy by collecting online donations to cover the unexpected expenses. When you know you have help with the expenses related to the death of a loved one, you not only gain the financial help you need, but a peace of mind.