Khem Villas Ranthambore

Khem Villas is a luxury jungle camp at Ranthambore, Rajasthan’s best known tiger reserve. The camp is designed to provide peace and tranquility within its luxurious and very personal atmosphere. Accommodation is high end, and you won’t want for anything at this beautiful glamping cum eco resort.

The focus at Khem Villas is not just tigers but to go beyond the tigers by engaging visitors and informing them about the various challenges that threaten the survival of Ranthambhore and its striped cats. The resort is involved with two NGOs:  Ranthambhore Foundation and Tiger Watch which help in providing health care, education, afforestation, dairy development, employment generation, monitoring of Tigers and more importantly sustainable livelihoods.

Although the tiger concentration is lower at Ranthambore than in Madhya Pradesh, many visitors flock here for its location in Rajasthan as well as the temple ruins within the park which make for a unique backdrop to see the tigers.