Not a studio as you expect it to be. It is a combination of Art,  Architecture and Technology inspired by our concept of ‘WASTE TO WEALTH’. This studio was founded in 2012 by a group of global architects and designers with a sole motive to bridge the gap between the art and technology. We are the Architectural consultancy providing you with turnkey projects with art installations like wall art, ceiling art, furniture and usable products with passive technology like down draft cooling, natural ventilation, passive heat recovery system and cooling without air conditioning. Through our innovative approach in our projects, we encourage designs that show us a mirror of how are we responsible for our environment and causing climate change and pollution to air, water and land. As a handicraft studio, we emphasis on waste materials and hand work to show the role of art in creating the image of our society.

Over years, tools and technologies have become rulers and disparaged the essence of hand work. On the other hand, cleanliness has become our first topic to get indulged with. We aspired to create a world where we can encourage both cleanliness and hand work, where we can help you to make your space tidy by organizing and styling your spaces like home, office, café, restaurant, school, hotel, fish pond or any other such space. To convert our this imagination into reality, our talented artists play a great role and help us visualize our motto of Waste to Wealth. The sole purpose of our studio is to design sculpts with the careful use of available resources, even the wastes. Our architectural and design technologies help us with this innovation. We aim at experimenting and utilizing technology in designing.


The crucial importance of our developmental goal is to generate innovative sculpts and give this world a different experience. We work to create a link between our emotions with our tangible space. Our studio motivates and creates public awareness towards the nature, which provides us with every resource for our well-being. We served and will serve as an amalgamation between art and technology.


Looking for a land to grow your own fruits and vegetables, then you are at the right place! Here we introduce our new service of  growing fruits and vegetables in your farm. If you are someone who is looking for a rented land to grow your own foods, then you can find a land owner on our platform. And if you are a landowner who is looking for someone who wants your land on rent, then you can find them on our platform.

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Tidy Space

Pencil For Change encourages change for the environment. Environment doesn’t stand for the ecological surrounding only but it also denotes our immediate surrounding like our room, home, work place, office, school and so on. To bring the change, first we need to be the change. So change begins from us and from our environment. It’s an initiative taken by us to make a change in your lives by organizing your workplaces, homes and other spaces. We help in styling your spaces by making it tidy and organized.

We motivate you for a positive change and direct your life towards organization and tidiness.

Don’t feel hesitant or embarrassed to contact us; we won’t judge you here! All your information will be kept confidential.