Industry Training & Learning

Industry training and learning is a technique through which traditional subjects like math and science (physics) are taught solely from the industrial perspective. You can utilize the knowledge you gain through this training to implement it in designing, developing, and operational purposes in the industrial sector. This is a fantastic approach to prepare oneself well in advance for a job role, specifically in the industrial field.

We at Pencil for Change provide an opportunity to all those interns who have achieved a certain degree of fineness in the skill set to implement it and gain enhanced work experience through internship and to employees who want to recruit employees with the best capabilities. This is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employee as it gives them the opportunity to pick someone according to their requirement from the best available candidate and company, respectively.

We act as mediator and believe in satisfying the unstated need. We provide the platform and facilitate the application process from the beginning until the end for the applicants and the recruiters to meet and interact so that both the intern and the company are satisfied in finding the best match based on each other needs.