I Don’t Know

Learning is a continuous process. Throughout our lives, we continuously keep learning and gaining knowledge, and there is no end to this cycle. We learn through not just the standard educational system but also through life experiences of ourselves as well as of others.

There is always someone who is eager to learn something new, and there is always someone who is waiting to share their knowledge and experiences. Joining these two will make a portion for greatness.

Schools are there to part education to the entire human race, but it has its limitation and boundaries hence, it can only do so much but what if we have something that is limitless and has no boundaries or borders. Something wide open and vast as the planet itself. Imagine a school with humanity being its prime subject where it teaches us to face all adversaries as a united front, globally. A school that doesn’t divide based on race or region, colour or kind, faith or belief, rich or poor, but instead unites the world based on compassion, love, and humanity.

Won’t it be amazing to have a school that teaches us how to follow our dreams and passion; how to live life and gain experiences?

The existing education system that is in place today doesn’t portray the issues or problems we face, nor does it show us the solutions, making it outdated and ineffective to meet today’s global standard. Thus, we need something that will prepare us to face the current world scenario, something that’s more than the basic grading systems with generic subjects and skills.

We need something that will not just change an individual’s life but will uplift the world as an individual entity, giving it a global effect.

With this thought in mind, Pencil for Change is here with a unique, innovative idea, “I Don’t Know”.

Through this, we aim to transcendent the existing structure and lead the way towards something unprecedented and walk the untrodden path towards building a school for humanity, making it even more magnificent than what we have ever imagined. We want to ignite the passion for life!

It about time we take care of what we have in this planet and build a cleaner, safer and happier future for the generations to come. It is about time that we eradicate social evils and make use of modern technology to connect the world to build a world where there is no pain and suffering but instead love joy and happiness!