Gallery for Artists & Exhibitors

Pencil For Change is known for its art and bringing the change in society. We believe in encouraging different types of art forms because art is the only means of developing ourselves and enhancing our skills. It helps us to express our feelings & emotions and gives joy. It also requires a great wisdom with wise mind to represent the art works. We encourage the artists with such skill and the people who appreciate it. We just don’t want this to stop with appreciation, we want such brilliant skills and ideas to be showcased in front of the whole world. It should be presented to the people so as to get recognition and value that it deserves. We provide the artists with an opportunity to showcase their art and we also provide the exhibitors to showcase the arts of such artists. If you are searching for any of the two: artists or exhibitors, just feel free to contact us. Let’s promote the art forms so as to keep it alive for long and for people to know its importance. Let’s be the change and bring the change in the society. Let’s take the art forms to the next level in the world. A picture translates a thousand words. It inspires us with its concepts and makes us learn. Pencil For Change aims to bridge the gap between creative and tech communities. We encourage versatile collaboration and experimentation to build new possibilities of art and artwork. We also involve the engagement of audiences who appreciate the contemporary art. You can find a rented space on our platform for the art experimentation for a shorter period of time. And if you have a space to rent out, then you can find artists, creatives and/or designers here a fixed period of time. Come and get experience by our concepts and promote art in an innovative way. We welcome the creatives, artists, experts, curators and designers to help us catalyze in bridging the gap.  We will also promote the products created by you in the market.