Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is alternatively, also known as source reduction. In a broader sense, it’s a process of producing lesser waste by controlling and minimizing the generation of waste product. We can choose to make small changes in our lives and do our part in waste reduction as well. Instead of using paper towels, use cloth. Avoid purchasing products that have hazardous products and instead use biodegradable products, etc. When there is no waste production, there is no need for recycling and reusing as it prevents and eliminates things from ending up into the recycling bins. However, this can only be achieved to a certain extent as there will still be some waste products whose generation cannot be avoided altogether.

It’s not just the waste generated from large scale industries, but also household wastes are reprocessed and reused. Hence, the requirement of recycling or reusing is still very much needed, leading to a new sector of sustainable business opportunities. Pencil for Change is here to provide support and assistance to allow growth to this sustainable business opportunity, letting it prosper and flourish.