Organic is the new black, and the world is evolving around this understanding. It’s been a slow yet steady transition, which has picked up speed in the recent times as people have woken up to the realization of the importance of organic farming as well as the harmful effects of the pesticides and chemicals that are used in these products. Our daily consumed produces like vegetables, meat, poultry and fish are doused with all forms of pesticides and antibodies to protect them from pests and insects whereas, hormones are used to chemically enhance the size and quantity of these products, making it extremely harmful and dangerous for consumption.

Embracing organic farming in all forms has become the need of the hour. With a rise in various health issues as well as environmental damage, people have become conscious and also have realized the importance of healthy eating and living which has led to an increase in organic farming, sans any chemical usage. This has created a niche for itself while creating an opportunity for sustainable business and investment.