Adopt a Cow

Cows, as we know, are the largest domesticated animals for centuries. They have been providing us with milk, which is essential for producing various dairy products like ghee, cheese, butter, sweetmeat, etc. Hence, it’s crucial to be able to continue the most sustainable business form to encourage the world to build a better and healthier future.

India has been generating the most excellent quality of dairy products from the vast Indian herds available even today and Pencil for Change comes to you with an exceptional opportunity to relish these items in its purest form through the brilliant “Adopt a Cow” program. Through this program, you will be able to get the benefit of consuming traditional homemade cheddar cheese and ghee at its purest form, made from the superior quality milk, directly from India at your doorstep, while also supporting the local farmers sustain this traditional sustainable business for many more years to come.

These herds of cattle graze freely in green pastures and are also fed by the family that takes care of them, so they get the best nourishments in the most organic form possible, to produce a large quantity of quality milk.  For many generations, these families of farmers have been taking care of these pastures and the herds while maintaining them in the most traditional and organic way. These herds are considered as family members and are treated in a similar manner, creating a unique bond of love and affection between the rearer and the reared.

You can choose to be a part of this amazing bond by joining the “Adopt a Cow” program while you also reap the benefits of eating healthy with “cheddar cheese” and “ghee” served on your table on a yearly basis.

When you do adopt a cow, you will get: –

  • The amount of products you choose from your pasture
  • A certificate of adoption certificate stating the age of your dairy product in terms of number of months or days
  • Information regarding the pasture of the herd.
  • Every product is packaged carefully in boxes.