Freezer Box

The freezer box is a 7 feet long and two and half feet wide refrigerator box that aims to keep the temperature below 5 degrees centigrade. It helps to prevent the body from ‘rigor mortis’ and can keep the body safe for the next for 24 to 48 hours. The freezer box has refrigerator mechanic system. On the top of the box there is a class container, it is a full length glass that helps the visitor to see the body and pay their last respects. The freezer box easily movable and has wheels at the base. The electricity requirements very minimal; it works on any domestic consumption connection. The power it uses is the same as that of any ordinary household refrigerator. It can be easily moved and transported from one place to another.

Before the advent of the freezer boxes people generally used huge ice blocks on which the dead body used to be laid. The ice blocks invariably melt and entire room or hall or the area where the dead body was kept used to be flooded. These minor issues were irritants for the family but also it looked as if the departed individual was not being given the dignity it deserved. When an unfortunate event happens, the family will never generally think about the supplier. In fact, they have no time to think of that.

At Last Rites we ensure that the freezer boxes are maintained and serviced properly and we aim to supply a perfect freezer box which does not cause the grieving family any headache. We know that we cannot bring the loved ones back. However, we ensure to supply such a freezer box that it helps to maintain the dignity of the departed soul. Delivery depends on the distance and the traffic situation. In spite of this, we ensure to deliver the freezer box to its destination in less than one hour.