Quarantining time “art of fitness” by Jahangir

This beautiful piece of encouraging “Ways to live a fit life” is submitted by Jahangir, owner of F45 global fitness center, F45 Training Kukatpally, fitness studio in Hyderabad, India!

It is a deeply positive moving piece of (art of fit lifestyle at the time of quarantining) work, that we feel fortunate to put it in our featured wall. Thank you Jahangir, for your valuable contribution. We think it will surely comfort billions at the time of deadly covid 19 pandemic and back our mental health awareness campaign particularly for millennials.

About Myself!

Hi I am Jahangir owner of F45 Training Kukatpally, fitness studio in Hyderabad! F45 is a global fitness center with over 2000 studios around the world and its the fastest growing fitness network.

I’m a MBA IT graduate who and like many of them started my career with an IT Job and had the passion to be fit. I started my career in 2004 as a Junior Software Programmer and slowly began to grow in this field and became a Project lead in 2017.

After 13 years of work in corporate, it was 2017 May that I had decided to start my own fitness studio. The bold and big decision was made after working out at F45 Gachibowli for a year and sensing a good opportunity in the Kukatpally area. F45 is an amazing trend in fitness that began in Australia and has since gone global. Once I got the green signal from all the required parties to set up F45 in Kukatpally, there was no looking back at the corporate. I love the sense of accomplishment when members get amazing results and not only look better but feel better.

Who doesn’t want to look better!!! You’re helping people better themselves and educating them on exercise and nutrition in a world filled with fast food and busy schedules.

I don’t see F45 work as a job or a business, it’s part of my life now forever. I am on the journey of building a stronger myself, inside and out and very much satisfied without any regrets of setting up F45 Kukatpally, and really stoked to see the awesome community. Cheers to all the small business owners chasing dreams & getting results!

Lockdown Effect!

The effect of Coronavirus is having a huge impact on every person on this planet. As the virus is transmitted from one person to another, all the governments in all the countries have taken the right decision to impose lockdown to reduce the impact of the virus as currently this is the only vaccine we have. This is for the better of the society to make sure we save our countrymen and most importantly the front line personnel (doctors, policemen and other administrators required for overseeing the lockdown). I hope the lockdown will help to curb this menace at the earliest and we get back to our normal life.

Lockdown has a huge impact on the businesses, be it is small or big. As a fitness studio, our livelihood is completely dependent on its functioning and it’s very difficult to survive without any income coming out of it during the lockdown. We have so many expenses like Trainers Salaries, Rent, Maintenance and other administrative expenses. Without income it is very difficult to meet all these expenses and we are completely debt ridden due to this.

Unfortunately we don’t have any government support during these trying times as we are not getting any help from any corner. We wish the government to make an order to all the landlords not to take the rent during the lockdown period and defer all the loan payments in this period (and don’t charge interest later). Also a relief package for all the SME’s based on their current income and expenditures would be really helpful.

As our members paid their subscription in advance we can’t just leave them not doing any workouts. We have come up with an online workout option and help them atleast to do something from their home as they can’t visit the studio. We are designing workout programs daily and sharing them with our members and making them workout along with us online using technology.

Also we are opening this concept to non members as well but for a price, but it is very difficult to get new subscribers who can pay and workout online as many of our Indians look for free workouts.

It’s a very difficult situation for all of us and it will take a lot of time to come out of this financial crisis even after the pandemic is over!

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